I Love People Who Love Bernie Sanders


bernie-sanders-portlandorI love people who love Bernie Sanders.

They are intelligent.

They see through bullshit.

They seek truth.

They strive to be fair.

Each one of them is a daily reminder to me that the world is okay.

Before this happened, I wasn’t so sure some days.

From the time I was a kid I knew that the fix was in and I just wanted to Rage Against the Machine…

But no one would rage with me.

Everyone was watching football.

I was the only one protesting.

Why couldn’t I just relax and watch American Idol?

Why was I angry about what was happening to others?

The world was going to hell and no one noticed…or cared.

When I found out Bernie was running I knew it would change my life.

I ran to my girlfriend’s house and said

“You know the Senator from Vermont that I like? He’s running for…

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3 Ways to Rally for Oak Flat from Home

Walk to Save Oak Flat

I know there are a lot of people who would like to walk for Oak Flat but there isn’t an event in their area. You can still play an important role in getting the word out and help Apache Stronghold’s efforts to save this sacred space. Here are three things you can do that will help the effort:

  1. Tweet for Oak Flat. On Sat. Feb. 27, let’s kick #SaveOakFlat to the top of the twittersphere. Post and repost tweets the walkers will be generating on the road. New to twitter? You can access it on your home computer as well as your phone, go to twitter.com to learn more and sign up.
  2. Post and Repost. Your help with tweets will make a big difference, and you can do the same with Facebook. Send photos and notes from the walk around the world with your Facebook account.
  3. Have a…

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Walk to Save Oak Flat

This weekend hundreds will walk and rally to shine light on the occupation at Oak Flat. Apache Stronghold continues to lead the way as thousands pledge their support.

People around the country, and even the world, denounce Resolution Copper’s selfish attempt to destroy sacred Oak Flat. The understanding and sincerity of Oak Flat supporters is heartening and encouraging.

But we have to be careful that we continue to be mindful of the need to spread the word about Oak Flat to larger audiences. The majority of Americans still have never heard of Oak Flat; it is not yet a commonly understood issue in most households across the country.

Together, we can change that.

This weekend is an opportunity to bring what is happening at Oak Flat to a new group of supporters. There will be lots of new photos to share, new opportunities to tell the story of Oak Flat…

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